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Polyethylene (PE) X tubing application characteristics

Polyethylene (PE) X pipe material, make covalent bond is formed between polymer molecular chain to form homogeneous reticular structure, significantly improved the pipe material physical and chemical properties, the pipe conveying medium temperature can reach 95 ℃, short time temperature can reach 110 ℃, thus has been widely used, especially in the high temperature fluid conveying in the field of applied more widely.

The advantages of PEX pipe

1, avirulent insipidity, health, no corrosion, no breeding ground for bacteria, no pollution, water quality, inner surface is smooth, does not block the flow.

2, heat resistance, pressure, safe working temperature range - 70 ℃ to + 110 ℃, the burst pressure of 60 kg/cm2.

3, high coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.45 / m.k, especially suitable for floor heating tube, hot and cold water to the water pipe.

4, heat preservation performance is good, heat conduction without fouling, guide cold frost.

5, creep resistance, ageing resistance, the service life of more than 50 years, synchronization and buildings.

6, flexible, and flexibility, not brittle fracture occurs, can match various kinds of pipe fittings, strong pressure, safe and reliable.

7, installation and maintenance cost is low, from "plugging, run, drip, leak phenomenon, economical and practical.

8, resistance to chemical corrosion, petroleum, chemical, gas pipe.

The application scope of PEX pipe

1, building water, water and other hot and cold water pipelines.

2, floor radiation heating pipes.

3, central air conditioning, the common air conditioning, hot and cold water conveying piping of the solar water heater.

4, chemical, oil, medicine and food processing industries all kinds of fluid pipeline.

5, refrigeration systems and water treatment system of pipeline.

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