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PB pipe construction and installation

Melting Connection

First, the hot melt connection characteristics

The hot melt connection is through special equipment (hot melt), two of the same plastic material pipes and fittings for heating, so that the original closely packed molecular chain melting, heated to a certain temperature, quickly connect the two parts stick and pipes and fittings combine as a whole. The strength of the joints will not only not reduced, but also higher than the strength of the original pipe.

Japan PB hot melt pipe connection system, fused connection to make pipes and fittings together as a whole, the high strength of the joints, reliability and fast construction.

Its piping connection characteristics:

1, safe and reliable

The hot melt connection is re-combination of the molecular chain between the pipe and pipe fittings, combined high strength of the joints, unlike the simple connection of the metal pipe fittings, security, not left over from the security risks.

2, low price

Compared with the other card sets, mechanical connections, hot melt connection fittings lower price, do not need other supporting materials

3, easy to operate

Hot melt connection only needs the fuser can be done within a very short time, the process is simple and fast and save manpower.

4, repair

The hot melt connection so that the maintenance of the pipeline system even more convenient, especially Buried pipeline. For some reason, causing damage to the pipeline leakage, can be repaired in time, do not leave hidden.

In order to further improve the strength of welding, the company based on years of practical experience and with reference to national standards to determine a higher welding technology parameters. Enhanced pipe and tube welding reliability, improve the strength of the connection resistance of parts of the drawing.

The hot melt connection port on the hot melt parts preheating, heating, thermostats, cooling a thermal process, thus ensuring the welding part fully, evenly, regularly, completely fusion bonding technology.

Specific technical parameters of the welding process the table below.

Table -31 melt access parameters

Pipe nominal diameter (DN)
 Insert (by interpolation) depth

 Heating time

(In seconds)
 Hold time

(In seconds)
 At least the cooling time


Second, the steps

Step 1: hot melt preparations

Welding should be specified by the manufacturer of die size fuser to avoid the hot-melt temperature and die size, affect weld quality. Before you start welding, die clean.

Step 2: Cut the tube and heated fuser

Use special tube cutter to measure the length of pipe cut, the cut should be smooth without burr. Melt machine power, slow heating, control the temperature at 260 ± 10 ° C, the temperature is reached before welding.

The third step: keep clean.

The hot melt before use cleaning liquid (ethanol) or a clean towel to weld pipe and fittings, and welding head surface is clean clean.

Step 4: Weld standard meter

Weld depth in the pipe ends to prepare hot melt draw with a pencil (see the hot-melt parameters Provisions).

Step 5: hot melt

Pipe pipe insert heating kit insert should be a slow constant speed. Pipes, fittings and die to maintain the level of (avoid rotating pipes and fittings); heating time is reached quickly from the pipe and fittings remove, and then the pipe without rotation along the axial direction is inserted into the subject of depth (refer to hot melting parameters Provisions).

Step 6: Cooling

Keep the cooling time in accordance with the provisions of the hot-melt parameters (pipe fittings should be placed in level). Hold time, weld just good joints can effect positive, but does not allow rotation.

Third, the hot melt connection Handling Precautions

(1), hot melt, should first check whether the hot-melt tools in good condition, welding mold and pipe specifications are consistent.

(2), hot-melt temperature (260 ± 10 ° C). Ambient temperature is low, due to increase welding temperature, hot melt heating time can also be extended.

(3), the depth of weld must meet the requirements, pipe inserted fittings Melting Connection, the force should be moderate, but do not insert too deep to avoid the pipe end necking.

(4), must be clean, mold the head of the welding device to ensure that the quality of hot-melt.

(5), soft goods wipe welding mold applications, and never allow a hacksaw and other steel items scratch the welding mold.

(6), pipe, fittings and die to maintain the level of (avoid rotating pipes and fittings).

1, confirm the availability of Construction conditions
2, the installation of sub-catchment
3, insulation, steel mesh laid
4, the heating pipe laying
5, the initial hydrostatic test
Concrete filled layer pouring and conservation
7, the final hydrostatic test
8, the decorative layer on the ground construction

Heating effect of high-quality
The traditional way of heating (air conditioning, radiator, etc.), on the heat under cool, dry mouth feeling to the people. As the saying goes: "The cold from the foot of the students, according to the heating needs of the human body, the ideal room temperature should be warm enough while the top cool." Advocated by the Chinese medicine ". The low temperature radiant floor heating gives comfort to the feet warm and head cool to need, in line with the body's physiological functions, but also to prevent and treat leg disease caused by the profile for cold, is particularly suitable for the elderly and children.

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