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A plug construction, removed the clamping ring can not be recycled.
2, pipe icing in winter, to avoid the pipe under attack.
3, the pipe must be used to support the casing.
, With plug-issued construction ban in the state of the pipe and connector combination rapid bending, and otherwise easy to damage the connector inside the rubber ring and clamping ring.
5, PB pipe is a soft pipe, loading and unloading and site handling to avoid external shocks.
6, piling up before the ground is first laid out to protect the wood. Pipe piling up under paragraph 10, straight pipe stacked height of 1m. In the handling of the construction site, prohibiting the use of drag and drop handling of straight pipe.
7, PB pipe in the high-temperature heated state normally use, but not direct contact with firearms, and should stay away from high heat sources.
8, the indoor custody for the principle, in the outdoor storage, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight under.

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