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Product specifications

PE-RT Floor Heating Piping System

PE-RT floor heating piping system is acomplete system solution for under floor heating, which is an excellent heatingconcept and become more and more popular. PE-RT piping system is very flexiblewith lower modulus of elasticity and therefore has less expansion and lowerexpansion force. These characteristics have made PE-RT coils easy to be fixedand concealed. Socket fusion and electro fusion technology enables fast andsafe repairing once damages on the coils occurs during home decoration. Metalfittings can be totally avoided in repairing and thus the repaired pipingsystem has the same service life as original.

PE-RTHot and Cold Water Piping System

PE-RTpiping system is a complete system solution for hot and cold watertransportation inside building, from pump connection in the basement, up torisers, distributors and end taps. With pipes from d16mm to d110mmand diversified fittings,   PE-RT piping system is safely and easilyjointed by compressedfittings, unions, socket fusion and electric fusion.

Comparing withother traditional pipe materials, PE-RT piping system shows unique advantages,such as corrosion resistance, no incrustation, no pollution to water. Workshoppre-fabrication makes fast and easy job site installation. The integratedpiping system by leakage proof fittings and socket fusion technology enablesthe whole system repairing

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