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Product specifications

High temperature field of hot water pipe on the market at present in China, higher requirements for pipe, plastic pipe can not meet the requirements of general situation, the company advanced production equipment and absorption of European technology, aluminum-plastic tubes for seam welding quality control of difficult technical problems, has successfully launched CJ/T159-2006 standard requirements of laser aluminum composite pipe.

Aluminium tube is mainly used in high-grade decoration in high temperature radiator heating and solar water heaters and other high temperature hot water pipes, satisfy the water supply, heat supply pipeline the need of high security, high stability, high quality, long working temperature of 95 ° C, the long-term work pressure of 1.25 MPa is domestic only to meet the requirements of high temperature of 95 ° C hot water pipe composite pipe material, is also the safest areas of high temperature hot water pipe composite pipe. Particularly applicable to villa high-grade home outfit riser, etc.

A, product characteristics

Aluminous model multiple tube of high security

1, the more advanced performance

Aluminous model multiple tube inside and outside the plastic layer is advanced South Korea chose to select company - RT PE pipe is special material, use level in the same condition, the south Korean company chose PE - RT special pipe material pipe of the allowable stress is higher than the allowable stress of PEX.

2, more reliable connection

Pipes, pipe fittings using the same material of material, USES the double hot melt connection method, pipes, pipe fittings co., LTD. Is a joint investment, the higher the strength of the joints, hot melt connection, never leakage. Effectively solve the normal aluminum-plastic tubes for pipes, pipe fittings material is qualitative different, joint leakage problem.

3, use more secure

Aluminous model multiple tube aluminum layer thickness, mainly aluminum layer pressure layer, USES the advanced laser butt welding, aluminum tube completely closed, high intensity, pipeline system safer.

Lap welding aluminous model multiple tube aluminum layer is thinner, aluminum layer USES the ultrasonic lap technology, is given priority to with plastic layer on layer.

Second, the application field

The safest plastic composite pipe radiator heating

The present domestic only if it meets the requirements of 95 ° C, 1.25 MPa using composite pipe

1, aluminous model multiple tube use for a long time, the temperature of 95 ° C, allows the working pressure of 1.25 MPa, can fully guarantee the system stability and security, is the high temperature in the field of radiator, solar water heater and hot water, heating tube for the safest.

2, building water supply, heating, high security, high quality pipe.

Three, connecting method

Hot melt connection Never leak

1, double hot melt connection

Aluminous model multiple tube fitting the south Korean company chose PE - RT pipeline is special material production, the same as the pipe plastic layer materials; Port is double wall pipe welding structure of the socket, and pipe welding layers respectively; With liner socket welding, bushing with supporting role on the inner wall, thus connecting pipe and fitting good fusion together, connection is firm, no leakage, no corrosion, high strength, is aluminous model multiple tube connection technology and the way of innovation and breakthrough.

2, the characteristics of

A firm connection - the kind of material double heat deep connection, never leakage.

Pipe socket and the pipe inner and outer layer of hot melt connection, pipes, pipe fittings, the joint strength is higher than the pipe itself.

B fast installation, improve construction efficiency

Only the whole round without chamfering, fast installation and an installation qualification rate is high

C joint dark bury, flexible construction scheme

Hot melt connection safe and reliable, can fill layer of dark buried in wall, floor, convenient in design and installation of piping system.

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