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Products PE Ground source heat pump pipeline

Product specifications

Ground source heat pump pipeline, using high quality HDPE raw material production, the plastic extruder extrusion forming at a time. Compared with metal pipe, the product has stable chemical performance, corrosion resistance, easy processing, good heat transfer performance, and low cost, is used for ground source heat pump system is the most ideal special pipe.

Ground source heat pump group is made up of u-shaped parts of the pipe as the main body, using 32 fused sleeve to phi phi 32 pipe with U a strong welding, implement line turn 180 °, the advantages of small size, compact structure, simple operation, easy to the characteristics of the construction.

Product features:

Cardiac pipe chemical performance is stable, resistant to corrosion

Cardiac fluid resistance is small, high thermal conductivity.

Cardiac connection performance can be *, not easy to leak

Has complete ancillary products, technical service and thoughtful

Has low cost, convenient construction

His service life can reach more than 50 years

Connection mode: hot melt connection, fused connection (pictures show)

Way: buried pipes buried horizontal buried pipe, vertical pipe connection diagram (do)

Loop mode: series, parallel way link diagram (do)

Suitable for fluid medium:

Southern areas because the ground temperature is high, the winter water temperature of buried pipes in 0 ℃ or above, so many USES water as working fluid.

The northern region winter low temperature, inlet water temperature of buried pipes are usually lower than 0 ℃, so general all needs to use antifreeze. (1) saline solution - calcium chloride and sodium chloride aqueous solution; (2) glycol aqueous solution; (3) alcohol aqueous solution, etc.).


Ground source heat pump is a kind of underground shallow geothermal resources (also known as can, including groundwater, soil and surface water, etc.) as well as high efficiency and energy saving of heating and cooling air conditioning system. Ground source heat pump by entering a small amount of high-grade energy (electricity), a low temperature heat energy to heat transfer, to the ends of building indoor heating and cooling, can also provide living hot water at the same time, have a safe and comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection, economic efficiency and recycling, etc.


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